Are Flower Tattoos for Men?

Are Flower Tattoos for Men?

The answer to the above question is yes, an increasing number of men are opting to get flower tattoos done. Usually men prefer getting flower tattoos as a combination with other tattoos. It isn’t necessary that only women get flower tattoos done, many men also get them done but in a more masculine theme. Flowers can be romanticised or could represent beauty, the colourful scheme can enhance the tattoo tenfold. Usually men get flower designs with other masculine symbols like skulls, shamrocks, guns and dragons, this takes away the femininity of the flower but the beauty of it remains.

Some men prefer getting these kind of floral tattoos with Koi fish, angels and tribal designs. Some prefer representing a difficult life journey through thorny flowers. A lot of the times, when men get sleeve tattoos done up on their arms, they put in some flowers in it to enhance its beauty. Some Hawaiian flower tattoos are also suitable for guys. Some Borneo flowers are specifically designed for men. Borneo flower tattoos are done in the shape of an eggplant flower. It is usually done to mark the rites of passage from boyhood to manhood. These tattoos that are done in Borneo are used as a journal, the experiences a man goes through; he tattoos it on to his body. Apart from physical aspects, there are tattoos in Borneo that can be done for killing a person and also one specific type of tattoo done at the throat that represents protection from anyone beheading you.

They can represent various things, depending on the design and placement. One of the most common places to get these tattoos is the shoulders and arms. Full sleeved flower tattoos look masculine and extremely appealing. As stated above, Hawaiian flower tattoos done in black look extremely charming and masculine and when combined with tribal designs look extremely appealing. Sometimes men use different colours for flowers which do not exist in nature like blue roses, it romanticises the whole aspect and gives it a dreamy quality. Hibiscus and roses are two flowers that are extremely sought after for tattoos. Usually, these tattoos are done up on the arms, shoulders, chest and calves. Flowers can be alone or they can have vines and blooms alongside them to increase the whimsical feeling. One very different floral tattoo is drawn on the side; it shows pollen flying away from the flower, with the flowers roots underneath the ground being shown as well. It represents the changes constantly in life but how if you are deeply rooted to your culture and traditions, you bear through the harsh climate and atmosphere to bear fruit to beautiful little buds everywhere else which even though apart from you, still carry a piece of you within.

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