Fairy Tattoo Designs: Tips to Choose the Right Option

Fairy Tattoo Designs: Tips to Choose the Right Option

If you are amongst those fascinated by the super powers of angels as well as fairies, getting yourself inked with a similar theme can be a great idea. In terms of design, fairy tattoos look awesome thanks to the detailing. Additionally, fairies are imaginative creatures and so the tattoo designer is given more creative freedom to make the art work look even more appealing. Given the universal meaning of fairy being a kind hearted woman who grants wishes, fairy tattoos are extremely popular for boys as well as girls. Even when you approach the tattoo shop, you are most likely to find thousands of design making it quite difficult for you to choose what’s best. Therefore, it is always advised to do your bit of research prior to opting for a fairy tattoo.

For those of planning to get one, here are a few suggestions about the different options available.

The Tinker Bell fairy

This is a tiny fairy character that was first introduced in the Peter Pan series and continues to rule hearts even today. Tinker Bell’s tiny frame, kind looks coupled with blonde hair and a simple dress makes her an impressive fairy tattoo design option as well. Additionally, you don’t need to restrict your tattoo design to Tinker Bell alone. You are free to include other characters from the Peter Pan series to make the design look even more impressive.

The fairy chain

If you are unable to choose a particular fairy as your tattoo design, check out the fairy chain tattoo options. As the name suggests, this tattoo design focuses on creating a chain of fairies on the chosen part of the body. Depending on your requirements, the area chosen and several other factors, a chain could be simple where several fairies are holding hands in a circle or complicated.

Angels: Similar to fairies, angels are also a popular tattoo design option. The angel tattoo is known to symbolize the presence of hope and goodness in life and therefore adds a tint of positivity to your personality. Needless to say, you are sure to find several options in this category as well.

Where to look for designs?

Ideally your tattoo designer will have an extensive portfolio that will help you choose a good design. However, you can always do a fair bit of research through the internet as well. For those who are creative, we would recommend you to get inspired and create your own designs to add a more personal touch to your tattoo. Also, when you are looking for designs, ensure that you pay attention to the colour coding as well so that your choice blends will with your skin tone as well.

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