Top 10 Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Men

Top 10 Sexy Tattoo Ideas for Men

A tattoo’s sex appeal increases with the right design inked at the right place. A sexy tattoo if inked at the wrong place doesn’t look all that sexy and diminishes the appeal of the person wearing it. Given below are some ideas for sexy tattoos for men. A sexy tattoo can vary in perception, but some tried and tested sexed up tattoos are as following:

1. Tribal tattoos inked onto the shoulders, upper torso and side – These are usually black in colour and are very appealing visually. The designs can vary but are usually abstract in theme.

2. Full sleeve tattoos – If you have a nice theme going on, these tattoos can look quite sexy. Some creative full sleeve tattoos just add to his oomph factor. But remember, the design should be intricate with different shades of colours in it, to look drop dead sexy.

3. Bicep barbed wire tattoos – Mind you, only those with sexy muscular biceps should go for this one. When you pump your biceps, the flexing of the wire can drive women to a tizzy. It gives the impression of a wicked personality confident about his sexual image.

4. Ribcage tiger tattoos – With a beautiful realistic tiger tattoo staring back at the person, the sex appeal just amps up. Tigers symbolize unbridled power, passion and masculinity.

5. Dragon shoulder tattoos – Mythical creatures like dragons are revered in many cultures. Dragons in blue and black look quite sexy and add to the mystique of the person.

6. Forearm tattoos – Whether it’s a script, name of a beloved one or just a Celtic design, forearm tattoos, especially on forearms that are ripped, look way too sexy.

7. Upper back tattoos – A cross or an eagle crest look way too sexy, usually these are done in hues of gray and black.

8. Sun tattoos – These tattoos look sexy as well as funky when done is black, they could be tribal or Aztec, but done on the back and they just sex things up.

9. Polynesian tattoo – These tattoos are also monochromatic in colour and have Polynesian roots, they are similar to tribal tattoos but are uniquely distinct. They are meaningful and very popular with Hawaiians as well as westerners.

10. Foreign scripts on upper arms and back – Done up in black, they are intriguing and great conversation fodder. They usually mean profound things or symbolic characteristics like love, faith, honour, discipline or philosophical saying.

Sexy tattoos for guys depend on the design and position of the tattoo. A tattoo that has a great design but isn’t placed in the right place looks its sex appeal. Sexy tattoos for men need a lot of careful thought to design colour and placement of the tattoo itself. These top male tattoos are great to increase the sex appeal of the person.

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