Understanding the Options in Tattoo Designs

Understanding the Options in Tattoo Designs

The idea of getting inked surely sounds very exciting, doesn’t it? But, when it comes to getting a tattoo designed, most people have a lot of doubts. From the process to the design, you have to invest a good amount of time as well as effort to ensure that the end result is in accordance to your liking. The simplest way out of the situation is to hire a professional tattoo designer, who knows the tricks of the trade and is able to help you clear all your doubts, isn’t it? But, even when you approach a tattoo designer, you should have a fair amount of idea about the different tattoo designs. After all, being well informed will make it easier for you to decide.

The two categories

Before we proceed towards discussing the different sticker designs, it is important to understand the broad categorization of these designs. Currently, all of your tattoo designs are divided into two categories-old school and new school. While old school tattoo designing deals with the traditional designs that focus on bold outlines as well as simpler form of art, the new school sticker designing gives the artist more creative freedom to come up with unique options. You have to choose a category depending on the style statement that you want to make.

Moving on, here is a brief preview of some of the popular options when it comes to different types of sticker designs:

Flower tattoo designs: These are popular sticker designs made on the nape of the neck, ankle and several other parts of the body. The best part about these designs is that concealing them is extremely easy due to their relatively smaller size. Also, these tattoos really sexy and are an effective way of making a subtle yet impressive style statement.

Water world: This category of sticker designs talks about art that represents water bodies, life in water, the sea and similar options. Commonly chosen options in this category are ships, anchors, fishes, etc. Here again, every symbol has a meaning and you can conveniently choose one that best represents your style.

Disney tattoos: This is a category focused exclusively on Disney fans. Many of us have grown up watching Disney cartoons and if your love for the fairy tale characters continues to remain strong, getting yourself inked with a similar design can be a great idea. Don’t worry, about the availability of options as Disney has given the world several legendary cartoon characters and therefore you can easily find something of your liking.

These are just some of the popular options. You can always explore for more options or else talk to your sticker designer to understand the details clearly.

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